Kyani Sunrise Supplement & Kyani Sunrise Packets
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Get More Energy

The jam packed blend of 22 super foods in Kyani Sunrise provides huge energy to the body through essential vitamins and minerals. Wild Alaskan Blueberries, known as the king of the fruits, are the main ingredient in this product, while the other ingredients are Concord grapes, red raspberry, cranberry extract, wolfberry, pomegranate juice extract, amla berry extract, ashwagandha extract, broccoli powder, spinach powder and more. The product is just perfect to provide your body the required energy to get the day started. Your body will remain active the whole day by consuming it in the morning only, though you can consume it anytime as per your body’s needs.

Little More Experience With Kyani Sunrise

Good health is only achieved when your body receives all the essential nutrients. And undoubtedly, no single food can give your body all those nutrients. You need to consume many to ensure the proper supply of essential elements to the body, which you may not be aware of. In such a case, a supplement like Kyani Sunrise can do just wonders. The Wild Alaskan Blueberries and the other 22 superfoods in this supplement will provide your body all the necessities. As a result, your body will be fully energized and you will be able to experience much more. Optimal health can be effectively ensured with the Kyani Sunrise.

A Complete Approach To Good Health

Our body is a complex structure; the different organs of our body need different minerals and vitamins for their proper growth and wellness. All these nutrients are efficiently delivered through Kyani Sunrise. The perfect blend of the 22 super foods ensures the supply of nutrients to all body parts and promotes optimal health. The different natural resources in the Kyani Sunrise work for the various body dimensions, keep them energized and deliver the required nutrition to the body. In short, Kyani Sunrise is a complete approach that has been taken for our body’s wellness. Whether it is the energy, immune system, mental health or joint pain; Kyani Sunrise is perfect for all.

What Makes The Users Love Kyani Sunrise?

If you are thinking that it is the 100% nutrition that makes the Kyani users love Kyani Sunrise, then, no doubt, you are right. But, there are some other facts that will make you fall in love with this supplement. Kyani Sunrise provides you 100% concentrated nutrition derived from natural products. It is the only health supplement that uses Wild Alaskan Blueberry and delivers its users an unmatched nutrition. Also, it tastes just wonderful. You will definitely love the delicious product that will excite your taste buds. Thus, along with getting the power of antioxidants, you will also enjoy the taste. You will definitely feel the difference yourself.

What is Kyäni Sunrise

Kyani Sunrise is a liquid dietary supplement that features a blend of 22 natural superfoods along with the king of fruits- the Wild Alaskan Blueberries. It contains all the nutrients that are required by our body, regardless it is the minerals or the vitamins. The supplement boasts powerful anti-oxidants which are crucial for protecting our body cells from damage. Thus, it increases our body’s immunity for inflammation, aging and disease. Kyani Sunrise has a high ORAC score (a score to measure the count of oxygen radicals). High ORAC score means more effectiveness in absorbing and removing free radicals from our body. Kyani Sunrise is 100% natural and easy to use.

King of all Superfoods- Blueberries

One of the vital ingredients used in the Kyani sunrise is the Wild Alaskan Blueberry.  The climate of Alaska stays cold throughout the year and this is the reason most of the fruits and vegetables wither and die.  Wild Alaskan Berry is able to sustain the harsh climatic weather of Alaska and this adds to the nutritional value of Blueberry. It is got much more nutritional value than common blueberries. According to the studies, it has been found that Wild Alaskan Blueberry contains 10 times higher antioxidants than the common blueberry.

A Perfect Blend Of Superfoods

Kyani Sunrise has got the perfect blend of the superfoods. Along with Wild Alaskan Blueberries, it is power packed with 22 other superfoods, which makes it an indispensable choice of the people to get healthy and attain optimal health.  No other health supplement could give you , the health benefits that Wild Alaskan Blueberry has to offer.  Kyani Sunrise has become the number one choice of the people to attain health and fitness.  It is power packed with the goodness of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are vital for the good health of the individuals

Why Kyani Sunrise?

What makes Kyani Sunrise prominent among people is due to the fact it is enriched with bountiful natural ingredients which provide numerous health benefits. It is 100% made from organic and natural ingredients and this is the reason why people love Kyani Sunrise. It is jam packed with the goodness of 21 super foods that can have visible effects on the health and functioning of your body.

It Tastes Amazing

Another great thing about Kyani Sunrise is, it tastes amazing. It is delicious in taste and your taste buds feel happy when you take it. With Kyani Sunrise, you can have peace of mind that you are not only getting power of anti-oxidants, but also taking in something which has really great taste. So take Kyani Sunrise and excite your taste buds with the amazing flavours.

A Complete Nutrition Solution

Every ingredient in Kyani Sunrise has been meticulously researched and studies.  It has been developed keeping the various health needs of the individuals in mind.  It is said to be a complete nutrition solution provider. Right from managing stress levels in your body, Kyani Sunrise does everything to promote good health and fitness.


Some of the great health benefits of Kyani Sunrise are mentioned herein below:-


  • Kyani Sunrise maintains good heart health
  • Supports Immune System
  • Maintain energy levels in the body
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Have positive effects on the mental health
  • Provides cellular support

It has been scientifically proven to impart positive effect on the health and mind of the individuals. Keeping the varied needs of the individuals in mind, Kyani has developed a product that can change the lives of the people all around the world.

Perfect Blend of Superfoods

Kyani Sunrise contains a perfect blend of Wild Alaskan Blueberries and other 21 super foods. Other superfoods, which it contains are- Aloe Vera, Concord Grapes, Pomegranate, Goji Berry, Bee Pollen, Cranberry and others. After stirring all these nutrients together, you are going to get an impactful and powerful product, which is Kyani Sunrise.  It is definitely going to impart you unmatched health and nutrition.

Easy to use

You just need to take a 1oz dosage. Kyani Sunrise is very to use. Depending upon your current health, you can take according to your own convenience.

Life Changing Revolutionary Product

Kyani Sunrise is a life changing product. It is capable of meeting your daily needs by supplying your body with the essential minerals and vitamins. As a result, your overall health and fitness gets improved and you get a confidence to live and maintain healthy lifestyle.  Kyani Sunrise provides you a purpose to stay healthy and fit.

Unmatched Health and Nutrition

Kyani Sunrise is prepared with nine super foods which are known to provide you and your family with the unmatched health and nutrition. It is developed after extensive research and study to promote healthy lifestyle of the individuals. Apart from the nutritional values it provides, Kyani Sunrise tastes great.

Rich Source of Anti-Oxidants

Kyani Sunrise is a rich source of anti-oxidants. The role of anti-oxidants is crucial in maintaining your health and fitness. Kyani Sunrise is loaded with anti-oxidants, which helps in fighting back free radicals. Since our bodies contain almost 80% of water, therefore Kyani sunrise can make a huge impact in fighting back free radicals.

Benefits of Anti-Oxidants

According to the studies and researches, it has been found that Blueberries are a rich source of anti-oxidants. The main ingredient used in the Kyani products is Wild Alaskan Blueberries, which contains highest levels of anti-oxidants. When other fruits and vegetables in Alaska wither and die due to extreme cold weather conditions, Wild Alaskan Blueberries are able to survive. The anti-oxidant capacity of Blueberries is highest as compared to various varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and dried fruits. It is suggested that eating Blueberries is known to reduce stress levels and also delay signs of ageing. It also helps in defending your body against the free radical damage, which is a part of the natural ageing process. Anti-oxidants help in fighting oxidative stress, which is directly, associated with chronic diseases such as heart problems and ageing.

Highest ORAC Score

Every fruit and vegetable is given ORAC score, which lets you know what kind of fruits and vegetables are good for your health.  This ORAC score lets you measure health.  If you do not know what ORAC score is, then you must know that an ORAC score of the product is the standard method of comparing the level of anti-oxidants present in the products. ORAC, generally stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.  Here, oxygen radicals are referred to as “free radicals”.  These oxygen molecules cause damage to our bodies through a process called ‘oxidation’.  These molecules are capable of connecting with other cells and weaken them.  Kyani Sunrise is loaded with the power of super foods, which helps in fighting against free radicals and hence strengthening the immune system of the body.


The ORAC score of the food is the measure how many free radicals it is capable of absorbing.  The higher score means, it is more effective in absorbing free radicals and more effective they are in fighting against diseases.  Kyani Sunrise has extremely high ORAC score, which means it has got great power of absorbing free radicals and protecting bodies against the damage caused by them.

Result of Extensive Research and Study- Kyani Sunrise

Since the health market is flooded with various health supplements and products, therefore, it can get difficult for the individuals to choose which ones will work for them. Understanding the varied needs of the individuals, Kyani Sunrise has been developed to provide you and your family unmatched nutrition and health. Kyani Sunrise is the result of extensive research and study and it has come upto the expectations of the people. It assures you good health and wellness which you have always dreamed of. It is easy to use and is loaded with the power of superfoods.

Blend of Superfoods

The main ingredients used in Kyani products are Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and Wild Alaskan Blueberries. Along with these superfoods, Kyani products contain various other superfoofs as well which provide you and your family unmatched health and wellness. It definitely fuels your body with the energy and you can feel the difference yourself.

Wellness Simplified

Kyani works on the principle of “Wellness simplified”. It is made up of the natural superfoofs that supply your body with the essential nutrition. These superfoods are so powerful and potent that you need to try it on your own to feel the difference. Soon after you start taking Kyani Sunrise, your mind and body will experience the difference. It will provide you with energy which you might not have experienced before.