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How Kyani Originated?

Kyani is the brain child of the two families- Hansens and Taylors. The contribution of these two families played a vital in producing Kyani products, which are known worldwide for their amazing products and health benefits. The Hansens expanded their small business into many successful areas such as hotels, real estate development, convenience stores etc. On the other hand, the Taylor family transformed their three acres into largest potato farming and cattle operations in Idaho. Both the families are now connected together and making use of the cutting edge technology to expand their business and enhance revenues.

The Founders And Reseachers Of Kyani

The Hansens and Taylor families were first to introduce the power and health benefits of two super foods, Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Both the families were deeply impressed with the potency and health benefits that these super foods are enriched with. Today, Kyani has combined the most powerful super foods to create some of the best and nutritional health supplements all around the world.


Kyani is a unique story of like-minded and enthusiastic people. It depicts when right people connect with each other with the right ideas, right products are produced. Kyani is one such outcome of the great thinking and ideas. The journey started with the vision and mission of Gayle and Dick getting cooperation from Dr. Maureen. Dr. Maureen is a bio-chemist who has spent 10 years in the research work. He worked how Wild Alaskan Blueberry work and what are the various health benefits of Blueberry. Kyani also has an extensive Scientific Advisory Board that consists of prestigious doctors and scientists who have got experience in health and wellness and advance sciences. The advisory board of Kyani educated distributors about the health benefits of each cane product so that they can better make their customers aware about the various products of Kyani. There is a vital role of the Kyani Advisory Board to perfect the existing products and help create the new ones. They are continually researching and finding new and innovative ways to enhance the quality and functionality of the Kyani products. The doctors and scientists of Kyani also educate the distributors of Kyani how Kyani is useful in promoting good health and wellness.

What is Kyani Meant For?

Kyani is one of the reputed brands that are prominent all over the world for creating products that contain perfect blend of superfoods. Kyani is driven with the principle of defending, repairing and maintaining every cell in your body to promote good health, fitness and prosperity. The various products of Kyani are- Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset, Kyani Nitro FX and Kyani Nitro Xtreme. The main ingredient which is widely used in the Kyani products is Wild Alaskan Blueberry. Since Alaska, witness winters in the most part of the year and this is the reason that most fruits and vegetables quickly wither and die in. But Wild Alaskan Blueberry protects itself from the brutality of the elements. It also contains rich-colored pigment called anthocyanin. It has got rich power of the anti-oxidants and has potency, over 5 times that of common blueberry.


Driven by the power, beauty and simplicity of the products, we are the independent distributor of various Kyani products. We have in stock all the Kyani products that you can use to repair and maintain the cells in your body. With the passage of time, Kyani has emerged out as the leading and nutritional wellness provider improving lives of the millions of people all around the world.


The Kyani team knows how various superfoods can be blended to make positive impacts on the health of the individuals. The charm and beauty of the superfoods made families unite and together form Kyani, which is now world famous for its wide range of products. Moreover, Kyani products are suggested by doctors to overcome the deficiencies in your body and promote good health and fitness. Depending upon your body needs, you can choose to take Kyani products that meet your daily health requirements.